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2007: Media Release
Harbor Wing Deploys SeaKeeper 1000 Ocean and Atmospheric Monitoring System

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Hi Tech Unmanned NOAA / Navy Vessel gets SeaKeeper 1000TM

Harbor Wing Technologies, Inc. is developing an advanced, new technology wind-powered autonomous unmanned surface vessel (AUSV) for use in marine protected areas and military / national defense applications. The open-ocean vessel will be a 45-foot by 45-foot trimaran hull with a 60-foot aerodynamic hard wing airfoil sail and proprietary robotic computer software and algorithms. A half-scale catamaran prototype being developed for the Navy and NOAA successfully completed sea trials in June 2007.

NOAA has equipped the high tech AUSV prototype with the automated SeaKeepers 1000 ocean and atmospheric monitoring system.

The Harbor Wing AUSV is being developed in Hawaii. The recently designated Papahanaumokuakea Marine National Monument (previously the Northwest Hawaiian Islands Marine National Monument), the largest marine protected area in the world, will be an ideal location for deploying the AUSV and the SeaKeepers system.

The unique Autonomous Unmanned Surface Vessel is an environmentally friendly craft designed for long-range, long duration open ocean patrols or shorter-range coastal water missions to provide low-cost, real-time situational awareness to commanders and controllers on shore or at sea. It will replace fuel-powered ships, aircraft and helicopters.

The NOAA applications for Harbor Wing include scientific data collection, environmental and sanctuary surveillance and protection, protection of marine mammals and other endangered species, and integration with Coast Guard law enforcement in support of NOAA. The Navy is interested in reconnaissance and surveillance roles for the vessel, whose autonomous operations would not expose a crew to danger. The Honorable Steven S. Honigman, General Counsel of Harbor Wing stated, "We are delighted to combine the technology developed by SeaKeepers with our innovative vessel, and we appreciate the International SeaKeepers Society's and NOAA's National Marine Sanctuaries Program's support. The totally automated system will be a superb cost-effective application for NOAA, the Navy and the scientific community. It will greatly expand their ocean and atmospheric data-gathering capability while respecting the environment that it monitors."

About Harbor Wing
Harbor Wing Technologies, Inc. is focused on the design, development, manufacture and sale of wind-powered Autonomous Unmanned Surface Vessel (AUSVs) for defense, government, commercial, and environmental markets.  Unmanned, wind-powered and environmentally friendly, the AUSV will be able to remain on offshore or coastal patrol for indefinite periods of time. Harbor Wing maintains corporate offices in Seattle, Washington and conducts project management and vessel integration, testing and development in Honolulu, Hawaii.  For more information, visit www.harborwingtech.com

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