Harbor Wing Technologies


HWT featured in prestigious Sailing Publications

Harbor Wing Technologies has AUSV and WingSail systems have made a very favorable impression on international sailing publications and their readers. An article comparing our technology to other high-tech sailing vessels appeared in the December 2008 issue of “Latitude 38” a leading Bay Area sailing publication. In this article, we are compared favorably with the technology used on the world’s largest private sailing vessel, The Maltese Falcon.

Additionally, we drew the attention of a world class competitive publication, “Seahorse International Sailing” who’s initial article appears in the January 2009 issue with a more in depth article by writer Lynn Fitzpatrick slated for a following issue. These excellent articles feature our technology contrasted to recent BMW/Oracle efforts and discuss in depth the technology development and potential of our WingSail and AUSV systems.

Finally, the January/February 2009 issue of Boats International USA features an article by Lynn that overviews the Harbor Wing team, technology and innovations that will influence the yacht building world for many years to come including the environmental, design, performance and ease of use features of the Harbor Wing developments. The article also discussed in some depth the quality of our relationships with masters such as Morelli & Melvin as well as famed WingSail designer David Hubbard.

Stay tuned for more coverage in the coming months.