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Harbor Wing Technologies issued U.S. Patent for Innovative WingSail  technology

Harbor Wing Technologies, Inc., based in Seattle Washington, has been issued the first of several pending patents for developments related to innovative WingSail and unmanned systems guidance software for Unmanned Surface Vessels, recreational and commercial vessels.  United States Patent Number 7, 461,609 was issued effective December 9, 2008 for:  APPARATUS FOR CONTROL OF PIVOTING WING-TYPE SAIL.  The company is the holder of the patent with Mark Ott and David Hubbard credited as the inventors.

This patent relates to wing-type sails used by wind-powered vessels, and more particularly, to an apparatus for controllably steering a wing –type sail using at least one pair of auxiliary airfoils that are displaced laterally from the main wing. 

The invention of this WingSail design provides for a wing-type sail system and is summarized as follows:

  • A rigid main wing extending in a vertical plane
  • Means for supporting the main wing for pivoting about a vertical axis
  • First and secondary airfoils mounted to the main wing
  • Means for selectively pivoting the secondary airfoils in such a way as to exert force causing the main wing to pivot

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