Harbor Wing Technologies, Inc. was founded by Mark Ott and Stuart Platt to design and produce an Autonomous Unmanned Surface Vehicle (AUSV). Their initial goal was to meet the operational needs of the US Navy Region Hawaii, particularly the ability to operate over the horizon in the open ocean as well as close to shore in shallow waters.

Harbor Wing's unique AUSV is in the advanced prototype development stage. The vessel components include a multi-hull high performance composite platform fitted with a hard airfoil sail (WingSailTM). The open-ocean vessel will be fitted with hydrofoils and suited for long duration, long-range missions.

The vessel will be powered by Harbor Wing's innovative WingSailTM assembly that can be rotated a full 360 degrees, allowing superior maneuverability and station keeping. As a wind-powered vehicle, it is capable of operating on station for extended periods with minimal fuel or crew costs.

The Harbor Wing AUSV will be designed to leverage and extend its capabilities by operating with designated unmanned aerial systems.


Concept Design for Production AUSV