Commercial Applications

Harbor Wing is developing Sail-by-Wire technology for both commercial and recreational markets. Our innovative approach to wind driven hybrid power has three powerful benefits:

  • The fuel efficiency of wind driven, WingSailTM propulsion
  • The safety, ease of control and operation of computer aided Sail-by-Wire systems
  • The environmental advantages of hybrid power for marine vessels

We have formed alliances with world class recreational boat builders to deliver WingSailTM efficiency and power to luxury wind powered yachts while, at the same time, putting agreements together with innovative multi-hull designers such as Navatek, Ltd. of Honolulu to provide wind-driven propulsion assistance for commercial vessels and ferries.

Industrial Assets and High-Value Shipping Protection:

Many commercial industries conduct operations in open-ocean environments. These industries utilize fixed assets such as off-shore oil and gas rigs, sea-bottom pipelines and transfer terminals; and on-the-move assets such as container vessels, oil tankers, and cruise ships. The AUSV will be ideal for providing over-the-horizon and close-in perimeter security for fixed assets and can monitor shipping lanes and maritime choke points for vessels underway. Both applications will draw upon the AUSV's advanced sensor suite including stabilized infrared and live video cameras mounted on its sixty-foot mast to provide real-time alerts to a control center which can immediately summon designated responders to intercept or repel the threat.

Undersea Oil and Gas Exploration, Ocean Survey and Mapping, and Meteorological Data Collection:

The benign survey of the world's coastal waters will be a fruitful mission for the AUSV. Undersea oil and mineral exploration begins with topographical mapping of the ocean floor using sound waves, a process that requires meticulous course management. The AUSV's reduced operating costs as compared with manned survey ships, its ability to deploy mission-specific scientific exploration devices, and its free range of operations, will make cost-effective ocean survey a significant opportunity for the vessel. The AUSV's precision navigation capability, speed and endurance will permit it to remain un-tethered for extended periods of time while supporting meteorological and oceanographic observations. For oceanographic data-collection, the vessel will be used as a mobile weather buoy, providing weather and hydrological data collection, as well as for coastal ocean floor survey and mapping.

Fishery Support/Compliance:

Just as the AUSV can be deployed ahead of advancing Navy ships to provide early warning of distant conditions, so can the AUSV be deployed to support the commercial activities of fishing fleets. Equipped with advanced fish-finding sonar, the AUSV can be used to direct fishing vessels toward areas where it is most profitable for them to fish. Because the AUSV is non-polluting and environmentally-friendly, it can also be used as an on-station sentry vessel to monitor and deter illegal fishing activities in ecologically sensitive areas.

Marine Mammal Monitoring and Research:

Its quiet and non-polluting operations mean that the AUSV can be used for scientific monitoring and research concerning migratory whales and other marine mammals and endangered species. It can also provide reconnaissance and surveillance for fishery regulation and Economic Exclusion Zone compliance.

See the AUSV Concept Demo